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Aluminium doors

As high durable and corrosive resistant material aluminium doors are now becoming the most popular choice of architects of all kinds of buildings. With a complete service including professional installation, TENTEN supplies a huge gamut of highly durable and reliable aluminium doors that is a perfect prevention solution. Our aluminium folding doors, sliding doors and hinge doors are of high-quality aluminium that assures their rustproof and anti-abrasive nature and can be easily installed into any type of frame. They are polished and designed under high precision to provide them with a stylish look. Easy to clean, maintain and value for money, Tenten’s aluminium doors are in huge demand.

Glass Doors

All our architectural glass doors offer an attractive solution for commercial and industrial applications with a variety of styles. Elegant glass products give an open, bright, contemporary look to your home. Tenten glass doors are designed for durability, quality and style. Tenten new innovative design that helps reduce wastage of material and space and gives an elegant look. If we replace the old dull tanned door with a beautiful glass door that matches the home’s features, then it will give an additional flare to the overall look. Also, glass products can easily draw the attention of the public to the home’s beauty.

Aluminium and Glass Windows

TENTEN is one of the best suppliers and installers of high-quality aluminium and glass windows in the UAE. Having knowledge of UAE’s extreme conditions in different parts of the country, Tenten designs customized windows that can withstand UAE’s extreme summer and winter climate.

We supply and install aluminium as well as glass windows such as villa windows, sliding windows, bay windows, combination windows, awning windows, fixed windows, single- and double-glazed windows, arched windows, tilt and turn windows.

Aluminium and Glass Handrails

Ideal for residential and commercial use, Tenten offers a wide variety of aluminium and glass handrails with minimal design and an enhanced level of safety. Our rails are well tested by the hands of professionals based on the various parameters which include customer feedback as well. The railings are manufactured utilizing the most modern material and latest techniques to meet all the industry standards.

The railings are available in different specifications as per the demand of customers.

Curtain wall

A Curtain wall represents the visage of the building. It is used to replace the Ordinary solid walls to give the building an aesthetic look. Curtain walls are thin, aluminium-framed walls, containing in-fills of glass, metal panels, or thin stone. They are attached to the building structure and doesn’t carry the weight of floor or roof loads on the building.

At Ten Ten, we offer top-notch curtain wall designs which will enhance the character of your building to the next level.

Aluminium Louvers

Aluminium Louvers are used for commercial and residential purposes. Louvers have the main advantage of both fresh air intake and exhaust air applications. These aluminium panels are made from high-grade raw material that gives a very trendy look with maximum reliability and durability.

They are versatile, compact, lightweight and has comparatively less leakage.


Outdoor living is a way of life, to spend time with your family. We expend a lot on landscaping the garden and pool. You can add many unique features to make your backyard a perfect dream space. If you want to give a definition to your patio space pergola is the answer for that. Pergola is an exact option for enhancing the beauty of your backyards and it is now synonymous with a patio roof.

It will create a comfortable outdoor space that provides shelter from the hot summer sun.


Skylights are a great accessory to any building structure, providing up to 5 times more light and air intake than a regular vertical window of the same size. Tenten offers a complete system of products and accessories for any skylight solution – from installation right down to the finishing touches.

If you are looking to add one skylight to bring more fresh air or a model geared towards small pieces for roof design perspective, we’ve got you covered with all the skylight options and information you need to make a decision.

Glass Shower Partition

TENTEN aluminium and glass works UAE is a specialist in Glass Shower Partitions, serving clients in UAE. If you are looking to enclose your entire shower space, a glass shower partition/enclosure may be ideal for you.
TENTEN’s wide range of designs and options of shower partition will suit any bathroom type and size. These partitions are generally made using Tempered Glass.

TENTEN shower partitions are impact resistant and won’t delaminate or corrode, which cuts down on costs and maintenance works.

Flynets / Flyscreen

TENTEN is constantly introducing innovative marketing leading ideas to
protect your home from flies. Our flynets/flyscreen doors are equipped with a high quality pleated mesh to offer the best protection for insects and ensure excellent airflow. The sliding mechanism can be adjusted so the door will never slam open and provides a silent operation. Unique design allows easy access to open and close doors and windows. TENTEN also stock a range of components to help you get the job done quickly.


TENTEN have a fabulous selection of mirrors, which may be the most stunning. Browse & Enjoy our big selection of Wall Mirrors in all sizes, styles, and colours! Whether you need a small wall-hanging mirror, a large dresser-back mirror, full-length standing, or a decorative design one, TENTEN has it all! A mirror is always a great, easy way to add beauty to any room in your home. Our mirrors are perfect for making any room look bigger and brighter.

Fish Tanks

You can choose the perfect fish tank for any kind of fish from TENTEN
stylish collection. Here you can find tanks in a range of sizes, so whether you’re a new fish owner or an expert caregiver, you can introduce the perfect aquarium to your home. You will find an aquarium tank that will best suit your home and your fish. TENTEN offers the best quality fish tanks in the Middle East. You will find a range of fish tanks from expensive to very affordable prices.


Tenten Aluminium Fabricators have vast experience in conceptualizing, designing and installing sturdy aluminum structures. They have successfully installed large aluminum structures in a number of projects as per the requirements of BS EN 1999, the Euro code for structural aluminum design.

Aluminium structures can be easily used in the place of complex cross sections. These sections are such that designing needs to begin right from scratch to fix complex shapes. Indeed, Tenten team’s experience comes handy to ensure that the design code is  Interpreted immaculately and exactly as per the type of section involved.

Tenten Aluminum Fabricators are truly valued in the entire industry. The professionals understand the fundamentals of mechanical and structural engineering. Their eye to detail, element analysis capabilities and reputed experience in aluminium designs is key to the project in hand.

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