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Due to the massive range of options, the aquarium is one of the most versatile decor items you can opt for, in your home. You can choose the perfect fish tank for any kind of fish from TENTEN’s stylish collection. Here you’ll be able to find tanks in a wide range of sizes, so whether you’re a very new fish owner or an expert caregiver, you’ll introduce the right aquarium to your home.

More than designing and delivering housing solutions, TENTEN also designs and delivers fish tanks for a wide range of other fish species. Glass fish tanks are widely used as they can be made in any size and can hold any size of fish. Glass is a traditional material for constructing aquariums and glass tanks are very difficult to scratch. Moreover, glass maintains its clarity over time.

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TENTEN selects the high-quality tank material and designs the tank exactly meeting the requirements. You will find an aquarium tank that will best suit your home and your fish.


TENTEN offers the best quality fish tanks in the Middle East. You will find a range of fish tanks from expensive to very affordable prices and they are inexpensive to maintain.

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We provide the aquarium – you create it your own.